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Over the years we have developed a network of building supply dealers and specialty retailers across the Atlantic provinces who are familiar with our range of products and services. Often the most convenient way to deal with our company is through one of our local dealers in your area.

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If you would prefer to contact us directly for any information regarding our products or services please feel free to call Toll Free : 1-800-565-1325. If there are no dealers in your immediate area we will make arrangements to handle your order directly.


Our products are generally shipped by common carrier. All molding is wrapped in plastic tubing to minimize damage , dirt and excessive moisture absorption. We have negotiated favorable shipping rates with most local carriers but we are prepared to ship by any carrier who travels our area. Orders in excess of $1,000.00 pretax are prepaid to their destination anywhere in Nova Scotia , Prince Edward Island or New Brunswick. Orders in excess of $1,500.00 pretax are prepaid to Newfoundland. Orders of lesser value are to be shipped with the freight cost as extra to the price of the goods. In this case we will make every effort to negotiate the best possible freight rate up front on your behalf.

For orders to be shipped outside of the Atlantic Provinces we will quote freight rates considering both the size of the order and the distance involved.


Allen's Mill
166 Commercial Street
Middleton, NS B0S 1P0
Toll Free: 1-800-565-1325
Telephone: 1 (902) 825-4854
Facsimile: 1 (902) 825-6343

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