Beth & Donald Langford

We are really pleased with the home that A.W. Allen built for us last year. You took our dream and made it our home. Beth and Donald Langford

Amanda & Hunter Brule

We are absolutely thrilled with our decision to work with A.W Allen’s to build our new home. Every step of the process, from our initial contact with Donnie, to working…

Lisa and Jim Sheridan

We are thrilled with our new cottage!  It is so beautiful and has exceeded all our expectations.  We can not say enough good things about the entire team at Allen…

Jerry & Leslie McPherson

Dear Donnie: Leslie and I want to thank you and your entire Allen Homes team for the amazing work and craftsmanship that you put into making our lakefront home a…

The Kennedy's

April 6, 2016 As we started our journey with AW Allen, we came to realize this was not going to be a bad experience at all. Things started going with…

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    We deliver all the lumber and building materials to construct your home right to your required location. We construct the structure, all interior framing, roof and shingles and install windows and doors. You arrange for electrical, plumbing, drywall installation and final finishing.

    We do it all. You receive a home with everything done. This is the best option for those with minimal time to commit, little experience in construction or those looking for a move-in condition home.

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Peter & Edna Miller, Middleton, NS

Peter & Edna Miller, Middleton, NS
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Dear Donnie,

Thanks for helping us turn a thirty year dream into a reality1 Edna and always wanted a home in the Annapolis Valley and having found the right piece of property in 199$, we turned an annual search for property into what house plan best suited the landscape. Our home today is a perfect fit and is in no small way the result of your input.

Our experience with you seems typical of the way you conduct your business and we want to say thank you. For us the Valley home meant taking all we had put together in two careers, leaving friends and family and building a house in another province. Your team made the building of our home a very pleasurable experience. You were up front with everything, kept a pulse on every change we made and warned us that sometimes house building means overruns and more expense. In our case the numbers you quoted stood the test and came in on the original budget. In our experience having owned three homes over our married life we know that costing the job is tough to do. You made it look easy.
Edna and I were very impressed with the workers we had build the house. We were on site for all of the construction. The framers, electricians, plumbers, concrete crew, painters all of them, not only put up with us but we can say, without reservation, are our new friends. We’d bring any, or all of them, back for any future work. The credit for that is yours too since you main contracted the entire job for us and what else can we say but, “You did a great job!” Your staff members have become our close friends and we thank them for a job well done. No job too big, no service too small, and always prompt and courteous,

While some will think this is all. in a day’s work and we should come to expect this sort of experience, it often doesn’t happen as it did for us. The only setback we can think of was of our doing. Remember as the start date on construction loomed two weeks away and you took a call from us that emergency surgery was necessary and the results wouldn’t be clear for a month. That was a tough period for us and we knew it threw your schedules a curve. How satisfying and uplifting it was to call you a month later and to hear you say, “well, we’ve lost a bit of time but I’ll have you in for Christmas”. Of course that didn’t happen. You refined the schedules, supplied a talented and professional workforce and aimed for December 9,2001. We moved in three days earlier on December 6,2001.

From our vantage point, what a year it has been, what a house we built, what a terrific person you are to work with to get the huge job done, Sang thank you seems far too little to say to the person who made our lifetime dream come true. Thanks Donnie!

Sincerely yours,

Peter and Edna Miller
1376 Lily Lake Road
Masher’s Corner, Middleton


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166 Commercial Street
Middleton, NS B0S 1P0
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